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Best Christian Bachelor's Degree Program

Pacific Union College’s BA in Theology and BA in Religion are among our favorites, thanks to plenty of opportunities to specialize and their setting in a small Christian university that has a big reputation for academic excellence and student success. Ranking by ChristianMinistryEDU.


New Missional Leadership Course

Junior and senior theology majors can take a new Missional Leadership course, which teaches them to consider the context in which they are working, and serve the people according to their culture and needs, an important aspect of mission work in today’s globalized world.


Internalizing Grace

“As a theology major, I took a tough class called ‘God and Human Suffering.’ For one assignment, I wrote a paper which was basically a defense of God’s character. In that paper, I wrestled with my faith, and ultimately, it came down to this thing called sin. I appreciated that class for helping me really internalize the concept of grace.” - Randy Ramos


Adventist Mission Scholarship

Future pastors and teachers are eligible for the Adventist Mission Scholarship, a $3,000 award only for theology and education majors.


  • Church ministry/administration
  • Chaplain
  • Global missions
  • Youth outreach
  • School counselor
  • NGO
  • Law

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The Theology program helped me step out of my comfort zone. God has provided plenty of opportunities to combine our education with real life experiences, like leading the youth department at the PUC church. I also have the opportunity to learn from amazing professors. I chose PUC’s Theology program because of the unique ministry experiences they provide, but most importantly the doors that God opened for my life and the lives of my fellow theology brothers and sisters.

- Jesse Zachewerus

Together in Christ: Student-led Worships Support Thriving Spiritual Life at PUC

Together in Christ: Student-led Worships Support Thriving Spiritual Life at PUC

March 21, 2023

After the isolation of the pandemic, so many were in dire need of rejuvenation—communal and spiritual—Reyes, a senior pre-pharmacy student, said. The 2022-23 school year began with many students returning to campus in person. Reyes remembers well the first Newton Hall dorm worship in September.

“The turnout was so overwhelming we were pushed to capacity,” he said.

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